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Everyone wants to belong, and for many, that’s having a family. We will be a global social platform, commited to helping millions of users to start or expand their families in either a romantic, platonic, or solo model!

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“Adults are left childless as they rely on traditional family models”

Many adults are in same sex relationships or have fertility problems.

Females in particular feel the pressure of their biological clock and are often in a race against time.


It is difficult to find a partner who fulfils someone’s romantic and family expectations. People are discouraged to start a family in a non traditional way due to social stigma and lack of places to go.

Adults looking for a family  waste precious time weeding through casual daters and hookups via mainstream apps.

Why Dyce?


Find and match with others who are looking for the same type of family, who you'll connect with!


All users on our platform will be verified, checking that the photos they upload match their face in real-time

Non - Conventional

Families come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Find a love partner or platonic co-parent throught Dyce!

Find a like-minded family partner

Dyce is designed to cut the small talk, by creating a community that are all looking to start or expand their family, one way or another.

No more wasting time on mainstream apps with people who aren't wanting the same thing.

Safety and credibility

Fake profiles are a common problem on mainstream dating apps. Dyce believes it's important to maintain a credible and safe community, given that families are at stake.

Dyce member profile verification and links to other social media channels are mandatory. 'Fit and Proper' Assessments are conducted and members have the ability to report profiles.

Dyce reserves the authority to deny access and remove non compliant member accounts.

Non conventional family options

Dyce enables people to find a family in love relationships or even in a platonic way! 

For platonic co-parenting, users can find others who are wanting to create a family outside of a relationship. 

For love relationships, Dyce cuts the small talk and helps users get to the important discussions on having children. The purpose of Dyce is to find others who are looking for the same thing, stopping meaningless dating or people looking for hookups.

Support on your family journey

Dyce understands that starting or expanding your family isn't straight forward, especially with non-traditional models.

Dyce provides educational resources and a list of business partners that can help you on your journey

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